Welcome to my site! this site is a platform to introduce origami in young generation because it really worth it. how do i know that..? well i am a keen folder and love to fold very much every type of folding i have done from simple to ultra complex origami but one day when i showed my first folded dragon to my friend he said to me that dont be to childish, now you tell me that being creative means that you are childish...?

     So, i decided to develop this amazing skill among people and found just the way how to do that. I have chosen the finest diagramms from various sites and from various folders and collected at one platform so you don't have to waste your time because all you need will be here in just a few clicks,  HAPPY FOLDIN!!! 


Warning! The diagrams which i have provided is protected under copyrightlaw and they are only for your personel use. repoduction and selling these diagrams is strictly prohibited. if you want these for your own site then permisson should be taken from me or from the right full owner!

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