These are few simple diagrams to get a clear idea of what is origami. 

NOTE: you will require a "Adobe reader" to view some diagrams. you can download it by searching it on google or visit  site.  (to download diagrams right click and select save target as ot simply left click it to view it online)
magcube.pdf magcube.pdf
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Type : pdf
scorpion.jpg scorpion.jpg
Size : 0.077 Kb
Type : jpg
Butterfly.pdf Butterfly.pdf
Size : 0.108 Kb
Type : pdf
Chair.pdf Chair.pdf
Size : 0.006 Kb
Type : pdf
French fries.pdf French fries.pdf
Size : 0.162 Kb
Type : pdf
Faceless bat.pdf Faceless bat.pdf
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Type : pdf
Flapping butterfly.pdf Flapping butterfly.pdf
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Leaf.pdf Leaf.pdf
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Type : pdf
Message holder.pdf Message holder.pdf
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Type : pdf
Napkin holder.pdf Napkin holder.pdf
Size : 0.007 Kb
Type : pdf
Ninju.pdf Ninju.pdf
Size : 0.127 Kb
Type : pdf
Swan.pdf Swan.pdf
Size : 0.312 Kb
Type : pdf
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